Welcome to Gradko Environmental - Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment

Gradko Environmental are market leaders in the supply and analysis of ambient air pollution monitoring products. Our customers include Environmental Consultants, Government Agencies, Local Authorities and Educational Institutes on a worldwide basis. We specialise in providing low cost, easy to use products for air sampling for a wide range of applications.

Passive monitoring technology provides inexpensive long-term air sampling over a large area without the need for capital investment, infrastructure or a power supply. Its simplicity aids its versatility.

Our products are now available for a wide range of pollutants and our research into new equipment or applications is ongoing, with the recent addition of our Rapid Air Monitor for very short-term passive sampling. 

Gradko is based in Winchester, UK, providing manufacturing and global distribution of our air monitoring products. Our dedicated laboratory is UKAS accredited (ISO: 17025) and provides accurate and timely analysis of our customers samples.

We were pioneers in the development of passive diffusion tubes in conjunction with the UK Government Department of Trade and Industry. Over the subsequent 18 years our success has been built on providing a progressive, flexible and cost effective service. The technical knowledge acquired during the development phases enable us to provide a comprehensive technical back-up service. This combined with customer driven quality objectives, provides an ongoing path to excellence in all that Gradko Environmental sets out to achieve.