Ammonia Rapid Air Monitor

Gradko’s new range of Rapid Air Monitors (RAMs) brings together the ease of passive sampling with the added advantage of very short monitoring periods.

With sampling times from as little as 1 hour for high concentration areas up to 4 weeks for longer term sampling, the Ammonia Rapid Air Monitor provides a solution for fast monitoring for ammonia in air which was previously only available for longer term sampling over 2-4 weeks. The rapid sampling times allow you to identify hazardous air pollutants even if you only have limited site access.

Currently available for Nitrogen Dioxide, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide sampling.

Need longer monitoring periods? Try our diffusion tubes for sampling periods of 2-4 weeks.

Sources of Ammonia:

  • Decaying organic matter eg. sewage and landfill sites
  • Agricultural sites and fertilisers
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial and combustion processes

Potential implications of Ammonia pollution:

  • Unpleasant odour
  • Soil acidification
  • Conservation areas are at risk of ammonia deposition

DIFRAM-400 – Rapid Air Monitor for Ammonia, including analysis – minimum order 3 samplers
DIFRAMSH-S – Small shelter for 1 RAM
DIFRAMSH-L – Large shelter for up to 6 RAMs
DIF2001 – 760mm fixing strap for shelters
DIF 2003 – Pocket clip for personal monitoring

Analysis is carried out in our UKAS accredited laboratories. Results are provided within 10 working days or can be fast-tracked by arrangement.