Welcome to Gradko Forensics

Forensic drug analysis laboratory

Our fully equipped, UKAS accredited laboratory offers a fast and reliable routine drug analysis service providing identification, weight and purity for all commonly encountered drugs of abuse. Additional services include identification of cutting agents and adulterants as well as drug traces examinations.

Our team of experienced Forensic Practitioners provide a comprehensive customer service with full chain of custody. Analytical results, including legal classification, are presented in Report or Evidential Statement  format . Our trained Expert Witnesses are able to present evidence in court.

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Detector dog training aids

Gradko are UK distributors for the Scentlogix brand of synthetic narcotic and explosive training aids for detector dog training. We hold the full range in stock which can be ordered online or by phone.

We also sell a range of genuine drugs and explosives to licensed trainers, please call Dr Vanessa Kellie on 01962 860331 to discuss your requirements.

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Presumptive Drug Tests

Gradko Forensics are the sole UK distributors for the Mistral drug detection products range. These sprays, pentests and kits are capable of detecting traces of drugs down to milligram levels. A wide variety of products are available to tests for the presence of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, cannabis, LSD, diazepam and many more. All of these products are available to purchase through our online store.

We are also able to offer a swab testing and analysis service through our forensic laboartory. These sensitive kits are capable of detecting virtually any controlled drug or legal high, and are available to purchase in our store.

Explosive detection kits

Gradko Forensics are licensed distributors for the Field Forensics range of explosives detection tests and kits.