Scentlogix™ Mould Training Aid

The Mould detection  scent imprint training aid provides a new effective method of training your dogs to detect all types of mould in all types of situations.

Anticipated applications include for use in the detection of mould in:

  • food and beverages,
  • dwellings (e.g., home inspections prior to sale),
  • hotels, restaurants, etc
  • business premises (such as nursing homes and hospitals).

K9s trained with the ScentLogix™ Mould K9 Scent Detection Training Aids can detect the presence of mould in all these places and situations, even if there are attempts to conceal them!

Moulds are causative agents to a wide range of allergies, skin rashes and respiratory diseases, and some types of mould (e.g., the black mould) are known to cause fatalities in humans (

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