IDEX Explosives Testing Kit

IDEX™ Series - Explosives & Precursors Identifiers

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NOTE: This product range is only for sale to reputable defence and security companies or organisations, orders may be refused if legitimacy of use cannot be established. All companies will be checked prior to dispatch of products. Prices are per individual test.


The IDEX™ Series of explosives identifiers each identify only one category of explosive or precursor. The tests are quick and very easy. The IDEX™ Series are designed to identify visible amounts of material through a color change on a sampler tip - IDEX™ will detect/identify home made explosives precursors. IDEX™ was designed for military personnel, police, and customs agents to easily identify found substances that might be used to manufacture home made explosives (HME) and are available in customized Field Kits that could include a certain combination of IDEX tester or that also include or ELITE™ line of explosives detection kits.



Currently, we have thirteen different IDEX units, each sold in boxes of ten of each type:

  • Model IDEX-001-BX: nitro-aromatics (e.g. TNT, tetryl, tri-nitro benzene), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-002-BX: AN (ammonium), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-003-BX: UN (urea nitrate), box of ten testsidex2
  • Model IDEX-004-BX: CHL (chlorates), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-005-BX: PCHL (perchlorates), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-006-BX: NIT (nitrates), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-007-BX: PH (phosphates), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-008-BX: AA (acetic anhydride), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-009-BX: PX (peroxides: TATP, HMTD. MEKP, H2O2), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-010-BX: U (urea), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-011-BX: Al (aluminum), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-012-BX: Mg (magnesium), box of ten tests
  • Model IDEX-013-BX: Fe (iron/iron oxide), box of ten tests

Models in the IDEX™ Series would generally be used to:

  • Test found substances, visible to the naked eye, when particular explosives/precursors are of concern
  • Back-up sniffer or bench-top instruments to clear or verify alarms
  • Back-up screening kits such as FFI's E.L.I.T.E.™ series of colorimetric detection kits

Every IDEX™ tester is packaged in a convenient, disposable (and recyclable) plastic tube that's du-rable yet easy to open and is easily carried in a pant or shirt pocket - in fact several can fit into a pants pocket and ten or more into a cargo pocket. Each tester is a stand-alone, disposable, colorimetric test kit that uses chemical reagents - no ancillary equipment is required for operation. Reagents are fully contained inside each tester and the user is not exposed to any of the chemical reagents during operation. The operators can use the outer package of the IDEX™ to take a forensic sample of found material. Each IDEX™ includes a forensics label on for operators to record data such as GPS location, data, time, etc.


Here's a summary of IDEX™ Series' features:

idex3 idex4

Tester being removed
from outer package.

Example of chlorate positive (IDEX-004) -
sampler tip turns from white to dark blue.
  • Portable and rugged packaging - no sharp edges to dig into skin
  • Small but easy to handle. Cylindrical, less than 3" long and less ~ 3/4" diameter
  • Reagents are fully contained - no exposure to the operator
  • Operator training in 10 minutes or less
  • Each kit is completely disposable
  • Kits contain no electronics and no ancillary equipment is required
  • Field test for each type of explosive or substance as marked on each kit
  • Each test contains usage instructions and color guide
  • Each test includes a forensics sampler & label for later lab analysis
  • Shelf-life of 2 years