PVC Pump Tubing - Now all PhthalateFree®

PVC is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials due to its preferential characteristics at a highly competitive price. The transparency of PVC materials allow continual visual monitoring of fluid flow and identification of bubbles. Properties of excellent acid and chemical resistance help to maintain the sterility of solutions. PVC tubing can also withstand high pressure contents and has a glass smooth bore, reducing the coefficient of friction.

Medical grade tubing is beneficial to a wide range of medical and non-medical applications due to its lack of impurities and anti-leaching characteristics. PVC tubing offers very low gas permeability and is therefore the superior choice to Silicone tubing for this characteristic.

NEW Phthalate-free greatly extends the pumping life of the tubing for continuous use.

Tygon® PVC tubing – a product of Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, is an alternative to our PVC tubing. This is not medical grade tubing. We also offer PVC pump tubes that are equivalent to other pump manufacturers ranges.

All the PVC tubing is available with flared ends to allow a quick and easy connection to be made between small bore tubes. Download more information about flared tubing here.

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Medical grade PVC tubing

  • This tubing is widely used for the transport of air and water, chemicals including solvents and gases, and human fluids including blood.
  • Used for peristaltic pump tubing, laboratory tubing and pharmaceutical tubing.
  • Supple
  • Strong
  • Excellent pumping life
  • Very low permeability

Pumping Life (subject to operating conditions and chemical being pumped):
Medical Grade: Over 400 hours
Ultra Long Life: Over 1000 hours

Temperature Range: -50 to +74°C

Sterilisations: Ethylene oxide, Autoclave

Hardness: Medical grade: 61 Shore A, Ultra Long Life: 59 Shore A

Elongation at Break: Medical grade: 400-470%, Ultra Long Life: 409%

Certification: Meets USP Class VI and BS2463, US Pharmacopoeia Tested and Certified

Phthalate-Free PVC tubing (please see Phthalate-Free PVC product page)

  • Phthalate-free PVC used in Pharmaceutical Applications.
  • No Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) under REACH regulation.

Solva PVC tubing (please see Solva product page)

  • Solvent resistant PVC.
  • Solva PVC contains no Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) under REACH regulation.

General purpose PVC tubing

  • Food grade tubing available as standard reels and as ribbon tubing
  • Transmission tubing
  • Tough

Temperature range: -35 to +74°C

Sterilisations: Ethylene oxide, Autoclave

Hardness: 86 Shore A or 60 Shore A

Elongation at break: 320%

Tygon® R3603 tubing

  • This tubing is suitable for acids, alkaline solutions, and viscous media.
  • Used in laboratories and analytical instruments.
  • Low gas permeability
  • Resistant to most inorganic chemicals
  • Non-ageing
  • Non-oxidising

Temperature Range: -50 to +74°C

Sterilisations: Ethylene oxide, Autoclave

Hardness: 55 Shore A

Elongation at break: 450%