Santoprene ®, Pharmaprene® and Clearaprene®

Santoprene® exhibits many similar properties to Silicone tubing but at a more competitive price. Its characteristics include very good chemical resistance to fluids such as alcohols, ozone, aqueous systems and corrosive aqueous systems. Furthermore Santoprene® exhibits good flow consistency for peristaltic pump applications and low friction to abrasive materials. It performs well under vacuum conditions. 

This is tough tubing, showing good anti-ageing properties in harsh weather, sunshine and saline applications. Its operational temperature range is wide and it exhibits excellent environmental stability under changing temperatures.

Santoprene® is a thermoplastic elastomer developed by ExxonMobil Corporation. It is available in a range of hardness grades – 64 Shore A offers the most effective tubing for small-bore peristaltic pump use. It is latex-free and the material contains no Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) as classified by the REACH environmental regulation.

We also offer Santoprene® tubing that is equivalent to other pump manufacturers ranges.

Pharmaprene® and Clearaprene® are all similar ranges to Santoprene® and are also offered by Gradko.  


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  • Medical grade
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Flexible and strong
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent pumping life

Temperature Range: -50 to +135°C

Sterilisations: Gamma Irradiation, Autoclave (unbridged tubing)

Hardness: 64 Shore A (other grades available to order)

Elongation at Break: 440%

Certification: US Pharmacopoeia Biological Tests for Plastics USP Class VI Part XXIII, FDA Drug Master File 17690