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Getxent Tubing for Detector Dog Training

There are a vast array of detector dog training aids on the market covering the odours of mainstream drugs, explosives and some biological threats such as Bed Bugs and Termites. 

But what happens when a new threat emerges? It’s historically been hard to respond to these threats quickly due to the time, resources and money involved in producing the new scent.

This is where a new breed of technology has changed the game. The makers of Getxent tubes, based in Switzerland have developed a tube with a complex innovative polymer which absorbs scents molecules, then releases them for up to six months. The tubes only need to be impregnated for 7 days prior to use meaning if you have access to the target scent, you can have a dog training aid available in just over a week!

Getxent tubes have been used operationally for applications as diverse as detecting Covid-19, Turtle nests, Drugs, Explosives, Cadavers, fire accelerants and many more.

Gradko Forensics is now an authorised distributor for Getxent in the UK.


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