Anaesthetic Gas Monitoring

This tube is suitable for passive or active monitoring of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and other anaesthetic gases in the workplace. This tube can be worn close to the breathing zone for up to 8 hours or  exposed in areas adjacent to the gas administration for the personal exposure assessment.  Many professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and vets use anaesthetic gases on a regular basis. Continuous exposure to these gases can be harmful, so monitoring of both personal exposure and ambient concentrations is important.


Potential implications of continual worker exposure to anaesthetic gases:

  • Respiratory irritation, e.g., coughing.
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Reproductive effects.


For more information select the downloads option below to download a copy of our instructions or techsheet for this tube.

  • Long-term monitoring of ambient concentrations
  • Personal exposure monitoring for healthcare professionals and vets – eight-hour monitoring periods for comparison with time-weighted average exposure limits
  • Pumped or passive sampling

DIFMLS5A – Supply and analysis of N2O sorbent tube.

Tube holders sold separately:

DIF-8000 – VOC wooden spacer.

DIF-8001 – VOC pocket clip.

DIF-PUMP – Pre-calibrated pump hire for 21 days. 

Analysis is carried out in our subcontracted laboratories. Results are provided within 15 working days.

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