Sulphur Dioxide Diffusion Tubes

Ambient air monitoring using our Sulphur dioxide (SO2) diffusion tubes is a simple means of monitoring that requires no further maintenance after installation – an easy, cost-effective method. These Palmes-type tubes are designed for long-term monitoring, and offer measurement of Sulphur dioxide in the low parts per billion to parts per million range.

Tubes are available for:

  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2) analysis.
  • Simultaneous measurement of Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide (SO2/NO2).

Sources of Sulphur dioxide pollution:

  • Fossil fuel combustion – industry, power generation, vehicles.
  • Domestic boilers or fires.
  • Metal extraction.
  • Paper production.
  • Volcanoes.
  • Natural fires.

Potential implications of Sulphur dioxide pollution:

  • Harmful to plants – reduced crop yields.
  • Involved in acid rain formation – damage to buildings, forests.
  • Adverse effects on the respiratory system.

Sulphur dioxide diffusion tubes are designed for passive monitoring of ambient concentrations for 2-4 weeks, giving the user a long-term monitoring option.

To discuss your SO2 analysis requirements, please email or call us on 01962 860331

Sulphur dioxide is particularly associated with the use of diesel and coal, two widely used fuels. Due to its implications for human health and on the environment, it is widely regulated. Therefore monitoring should be conducted in the following areas at risk of high concentrations:

  • Adjacent to fuel burning industries, power stations etc.
  • Roadside monitoring as part of traffic management schemes.
  • Environmental monitoring – in proximity to volcanoes or in forests to assess potential vegetation damage.
  • Indoor air monitoring – buildings near busy roads, in-vehicle concentrations, buildings with open fires.
  • Monitoring for health purposes.
  • Occupational monitoring (e.g. taxi drivers, bus drivers, machinery operators).

DIF600RTU-RA – Sulphur dioxide diffusion tube with analysis
DIF500RTU-RA – Combined NO2/SO2 diffusion tube with analysis
DIF1000 – Push-in plastic fixing clip
DIF2000 – 360mm fixing strap
DIF2001 – 760mm fixing strap
DIFSHLTR-S – Shelter for up to 3 tubes (optional)

Analysis is carried out in our UKAS accredited laboratories. Results are provided within 10 working days or can be fast-tracked by arrangement.