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Detector Dog Products

In addition to our Scentlogix and Getxent products, Gradko Forensics stock a range of other detector dog training aids and accessories including:

  • Gradko K9 Drugs Scent Discs
  • Gradko K9 HMTD & TATP explosive kits
  • A variety of stash cages, pipes and tins
  • Aid protecting bags
  • Scent towels




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Swabtek LETK Liquid Explosive Test Kit

Swabtek Liquid Explosive Test Kits

The next generation of Swabtek LETKs is now available. These are the only single use test kit approved by the UK Government for use in aviation security


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Getxent Tubing for Detector Dog Training There are a vast array of detector dog training aids on the market covering

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