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Swabtek Explosive and Drug Detection Kits

Swabtek products are a revolutionary way to detect explosives and narcotics simply in the field, without the need for hazardous chemicals or extensive training.

The Liquid Explosive Testing Kits (LETKs) are the only Civil Aviation Authority approved non-digital device for testing liquids in airports. 

Swabtek Cannabis test kits are popular with UK schools as they can test for traces of THC in vapes and edibles as well as testing for Cannabis itself.

Other Swabtek kits available include Fentanyl, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, General Narcotics, Dry Explosives and Gunshot Residue.

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Swabtek LETK Liquid Explosive Test Kit

Swabtek Liquid Explosive Test Kits

The next generation of Swabtek LETKs is now available. These are the only single use test kit approved by the UK Government for use in aviation security


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