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PVC Phthalate Free Tubing

PVC is very popular for tubing due to its wide chemical resistance, excellent pumping life and highly competitive price. However many PVC materials contain Phthalate plasticisers, which are increasingly becoming a concern under REACH regulation.

All of Gradko’s Medical Grade PVC tubing is Phthalate Free which not only removes this concern but also offers the excellent pumping life of PVC material, making it an ideal choice for Pharmaceutical industries. The material uses a TOTM plasticiser, which is very tightly bonded into the material, preventing any leaching.

As expected from PVC, this tubing exhibits a wide range of acid and chemical resistance and is transparent to allow visual observation of tubing contents. The tubing also demonstrates anti-leaching of component chemicals into the medium being transported, maintaining its sterility. PhthalateFree® PVC offers very low gas permeability and can withstand high pressure contents.

Gradko offer a wide range of high quality peristaltic pump tubing for ICP-MS and ICP-OES customers.

  • For Laboratory and Pharmaceutical use
  • No SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern)
  • Fully REACH and RoHS Compliant
  • Designed and recommended for Peristaltic Pump Use
  • Excellent pumping life with High Stability
  • Over 1000 hours (subject to conditions and chemical medium)
  • Supple and Strong
  • Very low Gas Permeability
  • Can be Flared

Temperature Range: -50 to +74°C

Sterilisations: Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide (ETO), Gamma Irradiation (with some discolouration)

Hardness: 59 (Shore A)

Elongation at Break: 409%


Certified to USP Class VI, USP37-NF32 2014. Biological tests for plastics.
Meets the requirements of BS2463 and chemical toxicity requirements under European Pharmacopoeia Monograph 3.1.2.

Material Ranges:

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