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Viton® is a fluoroelastomer developed by DuPont. It has outstanding chemical resistance properties and displays good anti-ageing properties and environmental resilience. This is combined with flexibility, making it and ideal peristaltic pump tube.

This tubing offers higher abrasion resistance than Santoprene® tubing. It exhibits good ozone resistance and impermeability to gases and water vapour.

The applications of Viton® include the transfer of aggressive liquids such as hydrocarbons, strong acids, oxidisers, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and extended use in harsh environments such as areas of high solar irradiation or extreme cold.

Viton® is premium tubing due to its exceptional properties. Where the full range of benefits are not required by the user, cost-effective alternatives exist, including Solva PVC tubing for the transfer of aromatic oils. Please contact us to discuss these.

Viton® is available as bridged tubing or in longer lengths of unbridged tubing.

We also offer Viton® tubing that is equivalent to other pump manufacturers ranges.

Ingredients meet FDA 21CFR 177 Food grade and EU Food Packaging requirements. We also offer an industrial grade for non-food applications. Viton® contains no Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) as classified by the REACH environmental regulation and is RoHS compliant.

Viton® is a Registered Trade Mark of DuPont Industries

  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Ideal for peristaltic pump use
  • Environmentally tough
  • Good anti-ageing properties

Temperature Range: -20°C to +200°C

Sterilisations: Not recommended

Hardness: 61 Shore A, 70 Shore A for internal diameters of 6mm and above

Elongation at Break: 265%

Approvals: Food Approved Grade meets 21 CFR 177.2600 and/or 21 CFR 174.5(d)(1)
Contains only 100% virgin Viton® B600

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