Air Particle Counter

The DC1700 is a premium model with the following benefits:

  • Internal battery operation for up to 6 hours of continuous use.
  • Generous storage capacity (approximately 10,000 samples).
  • PC interface for data transfer.
  • Internal clock to date-time stamp readings.
  • Mains or battery operated.

The DC1700 is available in two different calibrations. A 0.5/2.5 micron calibration and a 2.5/10.0 micron calibration; if you are in any doubt about which calibration is most suitable for you then please contact us directly for technical advice. Additionally a technical data sheet can be found on our website in the Environmental section.

For further details of the DC1700 please download a copy of our technical datasheet.

DC1700 Air Particle Monitor 0.5/2.5

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Price: £497.45 exc. VAT

DC1700 Air Particle Monitor 2.5/10

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Price: £497.45 exc. VAT

DC1700 USB to Serial interface

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