Gradko K9 magnetic metal Stash Boxes are manufactured in the UK from high quality aluminium and industrial strength magnets. The drawer slides out easily to allow you to stash narcotic or explosive training scents, and the perforated sides and top allow odour to be released. These boxes are perfect for attaching to the underside of cars or any other metal surface to mimic real-world situations.

This stash box comes in two sizes- small (3" x 2.5") or regular (6"x 2.5")

  • Do not leave the boxes attached to moving vehicles.
  • The magnets are extremely strong, please take care in use to avoid trapping fingers
  • The magnets may fracture if allowed to 'snap' onto a surface at force

Gradko K9 Magnetic Stash Box - Small

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Price: £25.00 exc. VAT

Gradko K9 Magnetic Stash Box - Regular

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Price: £34.00 exc. VAT