Individual training aid providing 18 months supply of synthetic Semtex A + H scent.

The scent is impregnated in a silica-based compound, held in a leak-proof cotton pouch. To use, simply remove from the scent-proof bag, place in a stash cage or narcotics bag and set as you would for the genuine substance. Once training is finished, replace in the bag and store in the freezer.

Semtex Kits contain 2 x Semtex training aids, a magnet stash tube, underground stash pipe, aid-protecting bag and scent towel

Semtex is a plastic explosive composed of RDX and PETN.

Semtex A contains 76% PETN and 4.6% RDX, Semtex H contains 40.9% PETN and 41.2% RDX. In both formulations the remainder is made up of binder, plasticiser, antioxidant and dye.This scent replicates the scent of both formulations.

Also available: Semtex A, Semtex H

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Scentlogix Semtex A + H Scent Aid

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Aid Protecting Bag

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Scentlogix Semtex Kit

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