An Individual training aid providing 18 months supply of synthetic ICAO Explosive Taggants scent.

The scent is impregnated in a silica-based compound, held in a leak-proof cotton pouch. To use, simply remove from the scent-proof bag, place in a stash cage or narcotics bag and set as you would for the genuine substance. Once training is finished, replace in the bag and store in the freezer.

Taggants Kits contain 2 x Taggants training aids, a magnet stash tube, underground stash pipe, aid-protecting bag and scent towel

In an effort to deter terrorist activity, the ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organisation) mandated that markers ot 'taggants' must be added to commercially manufactured explosives to aid their detection. Three taggants were identified by ICAO, and this scent simulates these to enable dogs to be trained on their odour. The taggants are:

  • EGDN (Ethylene glycol dinitrate)
  • DMNB (2,3-Dimethyl 2,3-Dinitrobutane)
  • p-MNT (para-Mononitrotoluene)

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Scentlogix ICAO Explosive Taggants Scent Aid

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Aid Protecting Bag

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Scentlogix ICAO Mandated Taggants Kit

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