Individual training aid providing 18 months supply of synthetic Tagged RDX scent.

The scent is impregnated in a silica-based compound, held in a leak-proof cotton pouch. To use, simply remove from the scent-proof bag, place in a stash cage or narcotics bag and set as you would for the genuine substance. Once training is finished, replace in the bag and store in the freezer.

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RDX stands for Research Department Explosive, and is also known as Cyclonite, Hexagen and T4. It is a nitroamine used by the military and various commercial industries.

As well as an explosive in it's own right, RDX is a principal component in the following military explosives:

  • Composition A - 91% RDX/ 9% wax
  • Composition B - 60% RDX/ 40% TNT
  • Composition C - variations include C-2, C-3 and C-4. The most comonly encountered is C-4 (91% RDX, a plasticiser, a binder and oil).
  • Composition CH-6 - 97.5% RDX with calcium stearate, polyisobutylene and graphite
  • DBX - 21% RDX/ 21% Ammonium nitrate/ 40% TNT/ 18% aluminium
  • Cyclotol - variable mixture of RDX and TNT e.g. Cyclotol 70/30 contains 70% RDX and 30% TNT
  • PBX (polymer based explosives)

Tagged RDX has the odour of a detection taggant (2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane) in addition to the odour of RDX.

Also available: Untagged RDX

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