Individual training aid providing 18 months supply of synthetic untagged RDX scent.

The scent is impregnated in a silica-based compound, held in a leak-proof cotton pouch. To use, simply remove from the scent-proof bag, place in a stash cage or narcotics bag and set as you would for the genuine substance. Once training is finished, replace in the bag and store in the freezer.

Untagged RDX Kits contain 2 x Untagged RDX training aids, a magnet stash tube, underground stash pipe, aid-protecting bag and scent towel

RDX stands for Research Department Explosive, and is also known as Cyclonite, Hexagen and T4. It is a nitroamine used by the military and various commercial industries.

As well as an explosive in it's own right, RDX is a principal component in the following military explosives:

  • Composition A - 91% RDX/ 9% wax
  • Composition B - 60% RDX/ 40% TNT
  • Composition C - variations include C-2, C-3 and C-4. The most comonly encountered is C-4 (91% RDX, a plasticiser, a binder and oil).
  • Composition CH-6 - 97.5% RDX with calcium stearate, polyisobutylene and graphite
  • DBX - 21% RDX/ 21% Ammonium nitrate/ 40% TNT/ 18% aluminium
  • Cyclotol - variable mixture of RDX and TNT e.g. Cyclotol 70/30 contains 70% RDX and 30% TNT
  • PBX (polymer based explosives)

Also available: Tagged RDX

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