Gradko K9 Genuine Drug Scents

These kits are available to UK mainland customers only.

These scent training aids consist of the genuine scent of drugs for detector dog training.

No licence is required to posess these training aids, and they can be disposed of in the normal household waste.

The scent discs are specially designed to absorb and retain odour and are packaged in scent proof bags. They are recommended as being single use products as it is easy to contaminate them with other odours once used in training.

Available in single scents or packs containing:

Six scent pack - contains one disc each of Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamine, MDMA, Cannabis, Cannabis resin plus a blank disc

Eight scent pack - contains all of the above plus one disc each of Crack cocaine and Ketamine

Blank discs also available separately.



Effectiveness Data:

Trial data based on 146 training sessions, 11 different dogs and two trainers showed a 92% hit first time rate, with 7% hit with help and 1% showed interest or missed. 


Each disc is marked with the drug type code for easy identification.

Drug Scent Discs