Scentlogix Cannabis Scent Aids offer an 18-month supply of synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) scent. This scent will also work for training in the detection of cannabis resin and synthetic cannabanoids such as ‘K2’ or ‘Spice’.

Each Aid contains a silica-based product, which is impregnated with a distinctive scent odour. Contained securely within a cotton pouch, each aid arrives within a scent proof foil outer bag. Aids can be used in exactly the same way as genuine samples and placed within stash cages or narcotics bags.

As these training aids contain purely synthetic scent, there are no restrictions on usage and they can be easily transported.

Cannabis Kits contain 2 x Cannabis training aids, a magnet stash tube, underground stash pipe, aid-protecting bag and scent towel

About Cannabis

Cannabis is thought to be the most widely used illegal drug in the UK.

The name 'Cannabis' comes from the name of the plant 'Cannabis Sativa'. Products come in many forms such as cannabis resin, 'weed', 'Skunk' cannabis and hash oil.

As well as illicit use, the fibres from Cannabis plants with low levels of the active ingredient THC (tetrahydracannabinol) can be used as hemp for rope, clothing and other uses. Hemp seeds are used in fishing and can also be eaten or used in cooking. There are also some medicinal uses for cannabis such as for the relief of nausea caused by chemotherapy.

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Scentlogix™ Cannabis Scent Aid

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Aid Protecting Bag

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