Scentlogix Cocaine training scent aids provide an 18-month supply of synthetic cocaine scent.  The aids also work for training in the detection of Crack Cocaine.

Each scent is a cotton ‘pouch-like’ bag, which contains a silica compound with a scent impregnated within it.  They are simple to use -  remove the pouch from the outer foil bag and place it within a stash cage or narcotics bag, just as you would use a genuine training aid.  After the training has finished, the pouch is replaced into the foil bag and stored in a fridge or freezer.

Scentlogix training aids are non-hazardous and non-narcotic so can be safely handled and shipped worldwide. All orders come with a hazard data sheet (MSDS).

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About Cocaine

Cocaine is produced from Coca leaves. It typically comes in two forms:

Cocaine hydrochloride which is usually a white powder and is snorted or ingested

Crack cocaine which has the appearance of candle wax and is usually smoked or injected.

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