How can I tell if my child is using drugs?

According to 'Statistics on Drug Misuse: England 2018'*:

  • In 2016, 24 per cent of pupils reported they had ever taken drugs. This compares to 15 per cent in 2014.
  • The likelihood of having ever taken drugs increased with age, from 11 per cent of 11 year olds to 37 per cent of 15 year olds.

With this worrying trend in mind, many parents would like to know if their children are taking drugs. If you would like to know if there are traces of drugs present on your childs belongings or in their bedroom for example, this kit will allow you to test the area/s covertly before alerting your child. This may be appropriate if you suspect drug use but don't want to confront your child without any further information, or if you want to monitor to ensure no drugs are present.

What you get:
You will get a complete kit for swabbing surfaces, full laboratory analysis & a report as to which drugs (if any) were detected. The standard and fast track kits are for one swab and analysis, the multi kit provides 5 swabs for testing several areas for a cheaper price.

How it works:
Using the kit provided, you can swab any surface to detect tiny traces of controlled or prescription drugs. The kit can also be used on bulk powders or liquids. Simply follow the instructions, use the kit and return the swab to us in the tamper evident bag provided (return postage not included). We will analyse your swab and provide you with a report detailing any drugs detected and their classification under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Results can be sent by post, email or given over the phone; just tick your preference on the form included in the kit.

Who is it for?:

This service allows you to confidentially assess whether drugs are present on any surface, or to test a drug itself should this be required. Ideal for concerned parents, for checking your workplace to see if drugs are being used, for landlords assessing whether tenants are using drugs, licensees for demonstrating compliance with drug policies and a wide variety of other uses.

Who are we?:

Your swab will be analysed by Gradko Forensics, a Home Office licensed forensic drugs laboratory based in the UK. Our scientists have many years of experience in the field of controlled drugs detection and we use the sensitive method of GCMS (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry) to analyse your sample.

How long will it take?:

Your kit will be dispatched within 1 working day. On receipt of your swab at the laboratory, we will analyse and provide you with a report within 10 working days for the standard kit, and within 5 working days for the Fast Track kit.


Due to the nature of traces detection, the information provided in the report is for intelligence purposes only and cannot be used for evidence. The swabs are for surface testing only and are not suitable for testing of drugs in/on humans e.g. hands, saliva or urine.

If you are concerned about drug use or would like further information on where to get support, the government has an excellent website which can be accessed here:

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