PVC PhthalateFree® tubing

Keeping our customers compliant with European REACH legislation and addressing the worldwide concerns about certain plasticisers. Gradko PVC tubing is now phthalate –free and contains no SVHCs.

PVC materials have typically used phthalate plasticisers for some time as a softening agent. Phthalates have been highlighted as substances of very high concern (SVHCs) under REACH regulation due to their adverse health impacts. The new phthalate-free material has been introduced in response to these concerns whilst maintaining the flexibility and pumping life expected of PVC tubing.

Director Sheryll Curtis explains the move to this new material: ‘PVC is one of our most popular tubing ranges, but we need to react to the increasing concerns about phthalates worldwide. We expect that phthalates will soon be banned under REACH regulation so by introducing this range now we are allowing our customers to make a smooth transition to the new product range’.

‘We have already received excellent feedback on the material – the general characteristics of PVC tubing have been maintained, including improvements to the pumping life, so this new tubing is a positive addition to our standard PVC ranges. The phthalate-free tubing is proving to be particularly popular with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry; the strong resistance to leaching of the components in the material being especially important in these applications.’

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PVC Solva tubing is also phthalate-free - specifically designed for use with solvents, aromatic oils and petroleum compounds. Solva PVC offers exceptional resistance to stomach acid and is therefore widely used in medical applications.